What the blog?!

Hey! We are Andrea and Emily and we are two pre-service teachers living in Saskatchewan, Canada. This blog, MediaEmpowered, has been created as a resource for all in-service teachers wanting to educate their students about media literacy; specifically focusing on how to teach students to observe and read into their personal environments with a critical eye. Our blog is inspired and helped along by a great resource put out by Adbusters called a “Media Empowerment Kit” which we wholeheartedly recommend to anyone interested in delving into this topic with their students. The Media Empowerment Kit is chock full of great lesson plans and resources that are definitely advantageous if you are wanting to teach your students how to overthrow the monster of mass commercialization.

We have created this blog for our final project in a course about technology use in the classroom. Adbusters has given us permission to use the content of some of their lesson plans and techno them up for the purpose of this assignment. As a result, “The Lessons” page contains several of Adbusters’ lesson plans in technological formats. The hope in this is that perhaps we, and other teachers, will find these modified lesson plans useful in the teaching of this topic. We have worked in ways that you, the average blog follower, can actually complete the lesson plans and leave your mark on our blog. Your responses and thoughts will really help to enrich what we are doing here so please consider checking out our lessons and helping us out!

There are two other pages contained in this blog; “The Diary” is a diary (go figure) where we will be jotting down thoughts and ideas pertaining to the topic(s) at hand. “The Resources” will provide a collection of web-based resources that educators can tap into to further expand the topic of media literacy in the classroom.

With that…we hope you enjoy! Thank you for following us on this journey.


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